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Headquartered in Dallas Love Field Airport, Southwest Airlines is reckoned to be one among the major US airlines in the world right now. Southwest Airlines has been functioning on an extensive flight network that connects to almost all the major cities in the world. The airline operates amid varied destinations in the domestic airline circuit where you can travel to numerous cities in the United States at an affordable airfare. Southwest Airlines is well-known for offering cheap flight tickets, through which passengers have been saving a lot of money by flying with Southwest Airlines. This US based airline was established in 1967, and early days it flew around Texas including three of its biggest cities, namely Houston, San Antonio and Dallas. Presently, Southwest has been scheduling flights to over 100 destinations in 42 states, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean. The Airlines does not use the traditional hub and spoke system of other major airlines, preferring a point-to-point system combined with a rolling hub model in its base cities.

Southwest Airlines Flight Deals

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Southwest Airlines Services & Amenities

Traveling in Southwest Airline flights, you will come across a variety of services and amenities organized to facilitate its passenger till they reach their destination comfortably. The US based airline offer high speed Wi-Fi to passengers with Southwest Airlines reservations. You get complete access to latest movies, TV shows and astonishing documentaries. Whereas, food and drinks are concerned, there you will find multiple variety of items on display, which you can take pleasure in. The airline offers free of charge pretzels, soft drinks and infrequent once aboard. Alcoholic drinks are merely obtainable on purchase. One can take advantage these food things on the aboard menu offered on their website.

Southwest Airlines Frequent Flyer Program

Southwest Airlines offered a frequent-flyer program commencing on June 18, 1987, naming it as Company Club. Later it was christened as Rapid Rewards. The earlier Rapid Rewards program used to offer one credit per one-way flight from an origin to a destination including any stops or connections on Southwest Airlines. When the passenger accumulated 16 credits in a 24-month period, Southwest awarded one free round-trip ticket that was valid for 12 months.

Southwest Airlines Baggage Policy

Carry-on Baggage
The carry-on bag taken by passenger should fit in the overhead bin and the maximum dimensions for the Carry-On Baggage can be no bigger than 24” (L) + 16” (W) + 10” (H). These measurements also comprise of handles and wheels of the carry-on bag. The passenger traveling on a Basic Economy ticket can only bring one personal item on board.

Checked Baggage

Each Customer while travelling with Southwest Airlines is permitted two free checked bags. The Golf bags and skis also count toward your free checked bag if they are within the weight limit. Kindly check the instructions with regards sizing up your checked bags: They should be weighing up to 50 pounds each and 62 inches in size (length + width + height).

Southwest Airlines Check-In Information

Following are the ways through which you can proceed with your Check-In prior to your travel. Southwest Airline offers on-line check-in capability on all of its flights. The power opens twenty-four hours previously the flight time of departure and closes one hour beforehand the departure. All the passenger must do is to go to the airline arrival network site and fill within the needed details that feature your confirmation number, and early and preceding name.

Southwest Airlines Hub Airport

Dallas Love Field Airport is located 6 miles outside of the city of Dallas. The airport has been Dallas's main airport until Dallas Fort Worth International Airport opened in 1974. Other major airlines that operate out of the airport comprise Southwest Airlines, Alaska Airlines, Delta Airlines and Taos Air.