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Popularly known as the Norwegian, the Norwegian Air Shuttle ASA is the largest airline of Norway and the fourth largest low-carrier in Europe. The numbers of the Norwegian are impressive as it's the second-largest airline in Scandinavia and ninth-largest airline in Europe in terms of passengers carried annually. Travellers looking to travel within Scandinavia and Finland, and business destinations such as London along with Paris, Amsterdam prefer to fly through Norwegian Airlines only. People moving to holiday destinations in the Mediterranean and the Canary Islands have been contributing to the huge base of 30 million people carried by Norwegian in recent years.

Norwegian Airlines Flight Deals

Disclaimer: *All fares are quoted in USD. These fares are based on historical data. Might differ and cannot be guaranteed at the time of booking.


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Norwegian Airlines In-flight Facilities/Services & Amenities

Norwegian Airlines has been offering two classes of seat: Economy and Premium. The in-flight amenities offered by the Norwegian is divided into classes of travel chosen by the passenger and includes an exciting collection of entertainment such as comfortable seating, games, movies, music and lots of other stuff.
Economy Class: The Economy Class flight tickets provide comfort for the budget traveller, with entertainment and meals included. They even include Wi-Fi, seat reservation and a selection of food and snacks for a small fee. For long-haul Norwegian Flights on board meals, travel blanket and headsets for the in-flight entertainment are offered.
Premium Class: The passengers have lounge access at selected airports and are offered fast track boarding. Passengers can enjoy a three-course dinner as well as complimentary drinks. Flights are equipped WIFI, allowing customers to connect to their video on demand service. With state-of-the-art entertainment system that allows passengers to view a range of movies and TV shows.

Norwegian Airlines Baggage Policy/Baggage Fee

The number of checked bags you can bring when travelling in Norwegian Airlines depends on multiple factors, such as your destination and ticket type. Also, passengers can always pay for extra baggage, during or after booking of the flight tickets.
Carry-on Baggage
Norwegian offers its passengers to bring one carry-on bag in the cabin free of charge and this classification is limited to 10 kg for Low Fare, Low Fare+, Premium and to 15kg for Flex and Premium Flex. If travelling to Dubai, the baggage is limited to 8 kg only and passengers are permitted to bring 1 small personal item on board.

Checked Baggage
For checked baggage, all flights (excluding long haul) no bags are permitted for Low Fare, and one bag of up to 20kg for Low Fare + Flex Fare. For Norwegian international flights, no bags are permitted for Low Fare, one checked bag of 20kg is allowed for Low Fare+ and Flex, Premium and Premium Flex passengers are allowed two bags of 20 kg per bag.

Norwegian Airlines Frequent Flyer Program

Norwegian operates a frequent flyer program called Norwegian Reward to reward regular travellers with the airline. Passengers are earning points based on the price of the ticket and the ticket class. The CashPoints earned by flying Norwegian Airlines can be used for flight tickets, extra baggage, seat reservation, cancellation insurance and booking changes. You can use the CashPoints to get complimentary flight tickets and they can also be utilised for getting trip extras with exclusive discounts offered on being member of Norwegian Reward.

Norwegian Airlines Online Check-In Information

Norwegian Airlines allows online check-in or Web check-in through which passengers can confirm their travel on a flight via the internet and typically print their own boarding passes. This facility is available from 72 hours to 2 hours before departure for all Norwegian international and domestic flights.