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Airlines is the only global transportation network that is not only quick, even generates economic growth, creates jobs and facilitates international trade and tourism. Airlines industry has been supporting nearly 62.7 million jobs and to go with air navigation providers & airports also contributed to the creation of jobs directly and indirectly. Not only tourism industry, airlines has also been a global driver of trade and ecommerce, making possible globalization of production. Plenty of exotic locations such as Caribbean Islands, Bora Bora, Mauritius are heavily reliant on airlines as nearly ninety percent of tourists prefer to come by air.

What are In-flight Amenities offered on Airlines?

Passengers travelling on airlines are offered in-flight services for the class of service they’re travelling in. It includes the below mentioned items:
• Meals
• Snacks,
• Beverages,
• Duty-free shopping made available during the flight for their convenience.
Passengers are being offered In-flight Entertainment options that includes collection of entertainment options that comprises of

• Audio Entertainment (headphones to listen to music & video screens),
• Personal video screens,
• In-flight movies, and even
• In-flight video games for kids and teens.
New technology now allows passengers to stay connected with their loved ones through Wi-Fi services that can be used on their smartphones.

What are the different classes of service being offered on the Airlines?

Airlines traditionally used to have three travel classes of service being offered to passengers, First Class, Business Class, and Economy Class. Some airlines now also offer a no-frills class of service as well, typically known as Basic Economy. Here’s a small list of breakdown of the classes of service offered by Continental Airlines and other prominent airlines:

First Class: The most expensive of the classes and also the most comfortable seating with best in-flight services being offered. Spacious leather seats with power outlets, complimentary specialty wines, craft beers, juice and coffee for refreshment, priority check-in, and two check-in bags allowed.

Business Class: It's the high quality seating that is purchased mostly by the business travellers sometimes known as executive class. Passengers get the same amenities as First Class with priority check-in.
Premium Economy: Better than the Economy Class seating, having greater distance between rows of seats with more in-service amenities.
Economy Class: Popularly known as the coach class and commonly purchased by leisure travellers and has common benefits of free carry on & in-flight amenities.
Basic Economy: Bare bones fare and typically does not include seat selection or baggage allowance which has to be paid separately.

What are the benefits offered under Airlines’ Frequent Flyer Program?

Most of the airlines such as Continental Airlines and others have a frequent flyer program that help members of the program earn miles by flying on the airline and even by shopping for daily groceries. The accumulated miles or reward points can be used for availing flight discounts, hotel stays and other travel products. Passengers can also look to get additional benefits such as priority boarding and complimentary upgrades.

What are the additional benefits offered by the airlines to its passengers?

Plenty of airlines such as Continental Airlines and others are looking forward to offer luxury experiences to its passengers so as to make their travel as seamless as possible. They have options to choose from levels of service they need to personalise their air travel.

Airport Assistance: Passenger are offered a dedicated airline member who provides necessary assistance for priority check-in and special needs request raised by them.

Complimentary VIP Baggage delivery: If you have checked bags, with few airlines you can enjoy complimentary VIP Baggage Delivery to your final destination.

Priority Lounge Access: If you’re a member of Rewards program or enjoy benefits of credit card; you can look to have free access to private lounges in case there is delay in departure of flight or even if you reach early.